CFA-Level 1

Foundation - The focus of Level I is on building the fundamental concepts. It is almost like Finance 101 and the exam is highly conceptual. Fairly broad (with 10 topics), relatively shallow yet as lot of the latter two levels is based on an understanding of Level I.

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CFA-Level 2

Valuation - Probably the most technical of all levels. It includes the same topics from Level I, but you progress to get a deeper grasp of Valuation of asset classes such as Equity and Fixed income, as well as advanced financial tools such as Corporate Finance and Financial Reporting and Analysis.

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CFA-Level 3

Application - This level gives you the best exposure to reality. The focus of Level III is mostly portfolio management (approx. 55% of the exam) across various asset classes and client types including individuals and institutional clients such as Banks, Insurance Companies and Pension Funds.

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We are keen in providing the best talents to the financial industry .we have been a part of the industry for 9 years and we are in a position to understand the requirements of the industry , so that we train you in a way where the standards are met.



source:CFA institute


Im an engineer, how will CFA help ?

What is CFA ?

Who is a financial analyst ?

Difference between CFA and FRM ?

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Expert Faculty

Our faculty members challenge their students, share insights gained through professional experience and communicate the knowledge they've spent a lifetime acquiring. They don't rely on teaching assistants, and they're supportive in the classroom, active in the community and committed to teaching.


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